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02 Dec

Best E-Juice For Cloud Chasing?

There are many things that go into chasing vape clouds, a lot of key components when it deals to winning cloud comps or out chucking your friends in a back to back comp. First, off it has to do with over all lung capacity, second is having a high conductive mod, in my opinion, I have always had the best luck with copper mech mods. I am currently running a copper Manhattan mod, along with a copper RIG mod, I am also using a DOGE RDA, for me the post have seem to be sturdy and hold up to test on my builds. I like to use 20 gauge nichrome heat resistant wire. I either run 4 wrap or switch to a 4 wrap 22 gauge parallel build, and my ohms are any where between .008-1.5 make sure that you are using a 18650 battery with 30 amps or  higher. I like to use Purple Efest 35amp or IMREN 33amp or go with ol reliable sony VTC4 batteries.

Third is the type of ejuice that you are using. We here at PLUME JUICE, were going to alot of cloud comps here in California, and noticing that the quality of "high end" juices were not for clouds they produced no vapor and stained our cotton to hell. We decided to make a high quality juice with high VG that still packed a punch with flavor. We also wanted to make sure that our e-juice was affordable, we moved away from smoking cigarettes to vaping to save money not to waste more. as vapors we know that mods, rdas, builds and constant juice purchases put a dent in your pocket, this is why we came up with something that is afforable for cloud chasers.


We run threw ejuice and needed something cheap in price but good quality. Plume Juice offers 120MLs for 25.00 we have over 30 ejuice flavors that will rock your socks, Plume juice has been featured in Euphoric Vapors Amerivape Cloud comp and was the juice of choice.


To produce huge vape clouds. Also, when going for big vape clouds, make sure that you do a 2-3 second prefire to heat your coils before inhaling.


More to come...


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