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02 Dec

Good Ejuice for menthol smokers?

Team Plume Juice,


If you were a former menthol smoker or like the cool and refreshing taste of menthol like I do then I would suggest going with PLUME JUICE: Green Tundra, I made this flavor because I was tired of buying menthol juices that A, did not taste like menthol or B. were extremely harsh on the throat. Menthol is a tricky flavor to work with if you are to much you will light your nose on fire or if you don't add enough it just covers out the existing flavor of the ejuice you are vaping.


When we were mixing around at plume juice, we thought of a good fruit to add to a cool exhale when we came up with green tundra, it is a cool exhale of menthol and mint mixed in with a fresh and ripe green apple, Green apples are ripe yet sour but when you mix with menthol it blends it out to almost a candy like ripe green apple on the inhale and leaves your mouth with a refreshing cool exhale. For me, i can't seem to vape anything else unless it has menthol this is just my personal liking. 


The green tundra flavor is a true ejuice for former menthol smokers, and even those who like the sensation of the cooling effect, it seems to keep my breath and mouth feeling clean and fresh.


With 80VG and 20PG it packs a serious vapor production so if you are in the business of knocking your friends outta the water in a back to back cloud competition then opt in for green tundra by PLUME JUICE



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