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10 Jan

Is your e-juice not producing clouds?

dennis white 0 comments

-Team Plume Juice,


we started this journey in search of a HIGH VG juice that could produce a ton of vapor but not taste horrible! We were traveling to alot of cloud comps here locally in southern California and found out that many of these "high end" juices being offered 15-25.00 a bottle were just not what we wanted to be using for chasing clouds. Many times these juices were so watered down that we could not get density for the life. We brainstormed and started to come up with a juice line that still tasted awesome but produced massive clouds. This is the reason for the coin " For Cloud Chasers By Chasers" It took some time and a few months before we were comfortable releasing our juice to the mainstream


We figured that most "High End" juices that are 50/50 60/40 mixes didnt stand up to the test when we put our juice on the line. 


We have complied a long list of flavors from our most Popular Dessert "blue berry cheesecake" to our most Popular candy flavor "Dodger Blue" which is a mix of blueberry skittles we also offer other various fruits and menthol flavors.


We have measured 8-10 foot clouds on our juice and has been tested at many vape shops in cloud comps and people love it. Check out our full line up and see for yourself, We are a team of 4 so cal guys looking to provide affordable yet quality cloud chasing ejuice




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